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Staining & Stain Repair

Staining – for the first time or to repair a damaged surface is an art  

Stain is difficult because of the nature of wood.

Raw wood soaks up stain, so you have to be careful not to go too heavy.

Repairing damaged stain is even MORE difficult because the surface will pick up some color in one area and a LOT in another.

We have the expertise to make stained surface – new AND old look great.  We do both new stain and repairs all the time – yu can’t beat 30 plus years of experience – no matter what the DIY shows say.

Get stains right the first time and you have a wonderful look.  Repair damaged stain and the result is savings as well as good looks.

Call us FIRST for staining or stain repair and avoid wasted time and money.

Staircase Conversion and Restoration

Staircases can be a major image and expense issue.   

It’s a lot easier to keep one that matches your home’s style AND less expensive to convert or restore one than to start all over.


Because they are BIG, staircases are a very important part of your home’s character and style.

In many homes, the style and workmanship of the original staircase is part of the basic design.  It might be impossible to find a suitable replacement.


Staircases are not only physically big, they are expensive.   It’s not just the “look” of your home that would be affected, your budget would take a big hit, even if you just chose a basic replacement, not even an architecturally correct one.

We know how to bring staircases back to life

Don’t rip out that old staircase!

Give us the challenge to make it look great and we’ll do just that – efficiently and at a reasonable price.  Whether you want stain or paint, or both, we can make it work.

Cabinet Re-Painting & Restoration

Don’t Rip Out those Old Cabinets! 

We can repaint or restore them 

Be Careful Who You Hire

Some companies will try and sell you “refacing /restoration” services BUT don’t deliver

Our experience means you WILL save time and money while getting a complete renewed set of cabinets.

How WE Do Cabinet Repainting and Restoring

  •  We will use your existing paint quality cabinets – not putting poor-quality veneers on doors or drawer fronts
  •  Re-painting will be done with Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore or other high-quality paints
  •  Renovation work will be done with the best stains and other materials, from top companies
  •  All work will be done on-site in an efficient manner, NOT dragged out for days or weeks
  •  When we get through, the result will be astonishing

Avoid Cost and Hassle

Don’t spend THOUSANDS on replacing all your cabinets.   If they are structurally sound, we can paint/stain them to suit your wishes at a fraction of the cost of new.  And, beware of companies that OVERPROMISE and UNDERDELIVER!

Our experience means that you will get great results, reasonable prices and a finished product that you can be proud to show to family and friends.  We have pictures of dozens of installations you can look at and see our results.

Give us the challenge to make your cabinets look great and we’ll do just that – efficiently and at a reasonable price.





Quality paint included in the price.

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We specialize in fiberglass door restoration, wood door restoration, garage and entry doors. We do fine interior finishes and exterior painting. New construction and residential repaints. Commercial painting. Wallpaper removal and pressure washing.



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